Neon Splattered Margarita Glasses

April 27, 2017 by Nicole Collins It’s craft time! Welcome to the section of the site where my motto is “Everything is better with glitter”. This is a place for us to keep our creative juices flowing after we’ve stuffed our bellies with delicious food. It’s a place for us to add some color to our lives. It’s a place for us to feel like we’ve accomplished something that will live on forever. And if nothing else, it’s a place for us to make something that will forever and always be one of a kind. When the craft bug hits me, it hits me. Once I have an idea in my head or I see a project I like, I’ll be distracted until I do it. I mean, sometimes you just feel like whipping up a wreath, or paintin

Unicorn Smoothie!

April 23, 2017 by Nicole Collins Unicorns are taking over the world! …Or at least the internet. The whole unicorn thing has been popping up everywhere these days: from cafes to hairdos; cupcakes to pretty much any dessert imaginable; and now frappuccinos. I can’t tell you how many pictures of Starbuck’s unicorn drink I’ve seen posted across social media over the past few days. Truth be told, the world is about 15 years late on the unicorn craze. My bestie, Sultan, was known for being a unicorn lover back in the day. Her childhood room was painted in pink, and she had unicorn figurines on a shelf above her bed. We all just knew that Sultan = unicorn. I’d like to give her credit for starting t

Chocolate Dipped Oreos with Crushed Kettle Chips

April 18, 2017 by Nicole Collins Today, we’re celebrating the return of the potato chip! Let me explain…this year for Lent, I decided to give up potato chips. I’ve never given up anything for Lent before, but this year it seemed right. I’ve been working on rebuilding the path of my faithful journey, so I wanted to make sure I understood the sacrifice that we reflect upon during the Lenten season. Potato chips may seem insignificant in comparison; but you have to crawl before you walk, right? Now, I’m definitely the person that craves salty things before sweet things. And plain kettle chips pretty much make my world go round. I had to make a real effort not to dive face first in to a bag of c

Vanilla Cupcakes with Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting

April 15, 2017 by Nicole Collins Happy Easter Eve! My mom was telling me a story the other day about a commercial she heard on the radio for a local candy shop. The commercial was about a 32 year old man that was talking to his mom about how he still gets an Easter basket every year. There was some talk about the candy shop and putting their candy in his basket. Then, at the end of the commercial, he said “And I still haven't figured out how the Easter Bunny gets in to the house?!?” Apparently, this commercial cracks her up every morning when she hears it on her way in to work. She also said the commercial reminds her of me, which is why she was telling me about it. I'm thinking it reminded

Happy National Pet Day!

April 11, 2017 by Nicole Collins Happy National Pet Day! What better opportunity to introduce you to The Pups section of my site. (And to brag about the precious babies...because I mean look at them.) So, you know those parents that open up their wallet and a 10 foot long strip of pictures unfold? My dad was THAT dad. I was not only the youngest but the only girl, so he showed me off to anyone that he could. The equivalent of that in today’s technologically savvy world would be the parents that run out of storage on their phones because they took too many pictures. Consider this section of my site to be just that. I’m an obsessed dog mom of 2 gorgeous fur babies that do the cutest, funniest,

Welcome! Plus Shrimp, Salmon, and Rice

April 9, 2017 by Nicole Collins Welcome to The Yummy Muffin! My name is Nicole, and I’m THRILLED that you’re joining me today (and hopefully every day…real talk)! I feel like I have so much that I want to tell you, but there’s plenty of time for that. So, let’s just start with the basics…I’m Baltimore (suburbs) born and bred. I’m a #dogmom, and I’m pretty much obsessed with my fur babies, Bella and Charlie. I LOVE decorating cupcakes; but if I’m going to be honest, I’d much rather eat a chocolate chip cookie than a cupcake. I’m a single lady, so I’m pretty good at cooking for one. But, I also like to make sure I’m eating home cooked meals all week, so I do all of my meal planning and portion

Welcome to The Yummy Muffin. Where the food is yummy, the pups are cute, and the glitter is plentiful.

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