Honey Goat Cheese Crispy Smashed Potatoes

December 28, 2019 by Nicole Collins The countdown is on! Can you believe we're going to be ringing in the new year in just 3 days?!?! I don't know about you, but I have no clue where 2019 went. So first off, did everyone have a nice Christmas? Or, if you celebrate other holidays or don't celebrate any, are you guys enjoying the down time that this time of year allows us? I've been seeing this meme floating around social media about how the week between Christmas and New Year's is super awkward because nobody knows what day it is, everyone is full and bloated, and people don't know what else to do but to start drinking at 10am. And, I feel like that couldn't be more accurate. I'm still gettin

Boh Ho Ho Cocktail

December 24, 2019 by Nicole Collins It’s Day 12! And, it must be Christmas, because all I see is a HO HO HO! HAHA, does anyone remember this old Jerry Springer funny? Or better yet, does anyone remember a life before memes? When we had to watch TV or read a magazine to find a funny quote? When we had to rely on word of mouth and hope jokes caught on and spread through the nation? I feel like I barely remember how we got information before the internet and cell phones and social media. Anyways…today’s drink is the last one of our challenge, and it was inspired by this very sentiment. Today, we’re making a Boh Ho Ho Cocktails! Here in Maryland, if we were to have a state beer, it’d be Natty Bo

Frosted Coconut Snowballs

December 23, 2019 by Nicole Collins Oops, I did it again! And, I did it on Day 11 in our 12 Days of Beverages challenge! So, what did I do? Well, I took recipe inspiration from a candle scent. Again... But, for real. Is it my fault that Bath and Body Works names their candles the most delicious flavors? Even though they basically just recycle scents and slap a new, enticing name on their candles, I'm a total sucker for it. And, sometimes their candle names can literally make me drool. And, that's how we ended up with today's recipe. So today, we're making Frosted Coconut Snowballs! This is basically a white hot chocolate made with coconut milk. Ok, that's actually exactly what it is. And, ju

Hot Chocolate Floats

December 22, 2019 by Nicole Collins It's Day 10 in our 12 Days of Beverages challenge! Can you believe it? Only 2 days left! We've made so many fun drinks so far, and the best is still yet to come! Today's drink is extra special for many reasons. It checks off the boxes of easy and delicious. But, it also makes us ask a very important question. Is it a drink? Is it a dessert? Does it matter? NOPE! Today's drink is more method than recipe, because you can basically use any flavor combination your heart desires. So today, we're making Hot Chocolate Floats! Floats seem like such a retro drink, don't they? Basically, a float is a beverage poured over ice cream. So, think root beer float. Or a Bl

Merry Margaritas

December 21, 2019 by Nicole Collins Can you believe there are only 4 days left until Christmas? And that would mean that today is Day 9 in our 12 Days of Beverages Challenge! Do we have any risk takers out there that haven't finished their Christmas shopping yet? I'm completely finished, BUT there's one gift that I'm waiting to deliver that isn't supposed to be here until December 24. Talk about cutting it close! I'm particularly nervous, because the last time I ordered from this particular online retailer a few weeks ago, they ended up “losing” 2 of the three items in my order, refunding me instead of replacing the items I wanted, then delivering the “lost” items a few days after their orig

Candy Cane Spritzers

December 20, 2019 by Nicole Collins Gumdrops, and sugar plums, and candy canes, oh my! It’s Day 8 in our 12 Days of Beverages Challenge! We’re getting classy with our drink today! Not really. But, from some reason the word “spritzer” just seems fancy to me. Like rich housewife drinking with her friends by the pool fancy. That’s the vision that I get when I hear “spritzer”. Even though I know that’s not accurate, at all. And, I imagine being a wealthy stay and home wife/mother is not nearly as glamorous as the movies make it seem. But, I just can’t help envisioning Elle from Legally Blonde (though she’s not married, I know) and associating the two! I don’t think it’d be a good idea to go grab

Poinsettia Cocktails

December 19, 2019 by Nicole Collins It’s Day 7 of our 12 Days of Beverages Challenge! I still haven’t totally wrapped my mind around the fact that there’s only 6 days until Christmas. And that means 13 days until 2020. Like, when did that happen? Weren’t we just floating around in the pool celebrating the summer on Memorial Day? Talk about time flying! Speaking of time, had I managed mine a little better, we actually coulda/woulda/shoulda had today’s recipe a week ago. If you follow me on Instagram -->, you know I like to celebrate the national food days. Well, last Thursday was National Poinsettia Day. What does that have to do with today’s recipe, you ask? Today, we’re making Poinsettia Co

Christmas Tea

December 18, 2019 by Nicole Collins Pinkies up, everyone; because it’s Day 6 in our 12 Days of Beverages challenge! So, cute story. My little 6 year old nephew has become a tea drinker with his mama and me. He’ll sit right down with us. He’ll snack and chat with us. He puts his own honey in his tea. But, he doesn’t want some dumb kiddie plastic cup. He wants the good tea cups. The china. The bestie says that’s become their Saturday routine together. Word on the street is that Santa is bringing this new little tea drinker his very own tea set for Christmas. How cool is that! And, can we talk about how incredible it is to live in a time where kids still think their parents (and aunties) are co

Fizzy Grinch

December 17, 2019 by Nicole Collins You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! But, I know it’s not your fault. I know it’s just cause you’ve had a long hard day and need a little help unwinding. That’s where I come in! Your heart will be three sizes too big in no time! Today’s three ingredient drink is fun, fast, and delicious. What a great way to celebrate Day 5 in our 12 Days of Beverages challenge! So what oh what is the cocktail that’s going to help swell that grumpy ol’ grinch’s heart? Today, we’re making a Fizzy Grinch! I mean, we all know bubbles can fix just about anything. Like I said before, this is a quick three ingredient drink. We need some champagne (the fizzy), some midori liquor (the Gr

Bad Santa Hot Chocolate

December 16, 2019 by Nicole Collins It's Day 4 in our 12 Days of Beverages Challenge, and I have an important question! Do you guys think Santa ever ends up on the naughty list? I do. My guess is that as soon as December 26 strikes, Santa is dancing on tables and recording “Santas gone wild” videos. I mean, if you had just a few hours to squeeze down millions of chimneys to deliver bags after bags of presents around the world while keeping a top secret identity, you’d need a drink when you got home too. So, today’s drink is inspired by this notion. Because even Santa deserves to let loose every once in a while. Today, we’re making Bad Santa Hot Chocolate! Now, this one is just for the grown

Ninjabread Hot Cocoa

December 15, 2019 by Nicole Collins It’s Day 3! And today, we’re celebrating Ninjabread! Ninjabread = gingerbread with a kick. HI-YA! I’m a total sucker for novelty, tchotchke type stuff. So, there was no way I was passing up this Ninjabread man cookie kit that I saw in the store. Now, I had already been planning on making a gingerbread hot chocolate for our drink challenge. But, when I looked at these adorably punny babies, my idea shifted a little bit. So today, we’re making Ninjabread Hot Cocoa! HI-YA!! Let’s talk details for a sec. Does anyone know the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa? It’s simple! Hot cocoa uses cocoa powder while hot chocolate uses actual melted chocolate

Apple Pear Sangria

December 14, 2019 by Nicole Collins It’s Sangria time! And, it's also Day 2 in our 12 Days of Beverages Challenge! Let’s be real…we couldn’t do a drink challenge without a sangria. It just wouldn’t be right! I may not be a huge wine fan (though I’m really trying!). But, I’ve always been a sangria fan. Fresh fruit really makes all the difference. I mean, a boozy snack and drink in one? Sounds like winning to me! We may be celebrating this beverage at Christmas time, but it really is a perfect year round drink. There are some fall flavors in here, some Christmas colors, and sangria, overall, is just the perfect refreshing summertime drink. And trust me, you’ll want to drink this one all year.

Pretzel Hot Chocolate + The 12 Days of Beverages Challenge!

December 13, 2019 by Nicole Collins It’s that time of year when we get to start our “12 Days of…” challenge! Who’s excited?!?!? Any guesses what we’re doing this year? Well, if you didn’t read the title of this post (which you probably did, so you’ll just have to act surprised); this year is all about the drinks. Welcome to the 12 Days of Beverages! We’re going to be doing a mix of cocktails and kid friendly drinkies over the next few days. Some will be smaller servings, and some will be fit for a crowd. But no matter what, there’s something for everyone! First up, we’re making Pretzel Hot Chocolate! True story…I feel like I could’ve made this the 12 Days of Hot Chocolate Challenge; because

Crabby Grilled Cheese

December 9, 2019 by Nicole Collins I miss summer already. And, it’s not even winter yet. I am SOOOO cold! And, I’m grumpy. And, I’m freezing. And, I just want to whine my way to May. K? K… In addition to missing warmth, I’m also missing crabs already. I’ve spent the past few months submerged in crabbies, but not in the way you’d think. I’ve been painting and selling crab shell ornaments and wreaths! With the amount of time I spent stuck in the house this summer due to some poor health, I needed something to do. So, my loved ones loaded me up with bags and bags of crab shells. And let me tell you, scrubbing and cleaning crab shells that you didn’t get to eat stinks! Literally… But, painting i

Old Bay Refrigerator Pickles

December 6, 2019 by Nicole Collins Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? A little too ironic? Yeah, I really do think. Don’t you love it when I start our sessions with serenades? Be thankful you can’t hear it. There’s a reason why I only perform concerts in the shower. Today’s recipe is super ironic, because we’re making one of the few foods that I really wish I loved but can’t stand, in reality. Pickles. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t like pickles. I don’t hate pickles. And every time I’m near a pickle, I try it to see if I like it yet. But the result is always the same. Yuck! Until today! If there’s one stereotype about Marylanders, it’s that we put Old Bay on everything. I’m sure you

Cheesesteak Wraps

December 2, 2019 by Nicole Collins Beef…it’s what’s for dinner. No, for real. Today’s recipe should really be dinner tonight! Truth be told, I don’t eat a lot of beef. That’s what you don’t see many beefy recipes round here at The Yummy Muffin. It’s not that I don’t like beef. It’s just not on the list of proteins that I find myself craving other than for the occasional burger here and there. I actually found out over the summer that my body is low on B12 which you apparently get from red meat. So, I’m supposed to be taking vitamins. I don’t. Oops… I’d rather just load up on today’s recipe instead. Today, we’re taking a classic beef sandwich and turning it into something a little closer to t

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