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Day 6: Cookies and Cream Christmas Bark

December 18, 2017 by Nicole Collins

We're at the halfway point!

So, that means it's Day 6: Cookies and Cream Christmas Bark!

Ok, so technically this is not a cookie. But, cookies are 50% of the ingredients, so I'm going to say it counts.

Is anyone going to protest that?

Didn't think so.

So, this is one of those recipes that you really can't mess up. It's not meant to be perfect, so there's absolutely no pressure going in to this project. And, you get to let your inner artist come out to play!

I've told you guys before how I feel about candy melts. I love them. I use them ALLLLL of the time, and I even use them as a white chocolate substitute sometimes for coating treats. Plus, they come in pretty much every color, so you can decorate with them all year round.

And, that's why we're using it as the body of our bark!

Like the other no bake cookies we've had so far, this couldn't be easier.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record!

We melt some white candy melts and top it with Oreo cookie crumbs. I used the Winter Oreos to stick with the theme and get a little extra color. We let it dry, and then we top it with a mix of white, green, and red candy melts. Throw some more Oreo cookie pieces on top, and we're done!

Well, we have to let it dry again and break it apart, but then we're done for real.

You can make any kind of pattern or design you want with the red and green candy melts, and you can even used it to fill in some blanks that the second layer of white couldn't reach. Once we break it apart, it all looks so beautiful anyway!

My coworkers ate this stuff up, literally. I had them sitting on my desk when I left for a meeting; and by the time I came back 2 hours later, it was all gone!

And, they'll never know how little effort I put in to it.

The only trick that you need to keep in mind when assembling this bark is that the cookie crumbs act as a barrier between bark layers. So, you need to make sure you leave enough spots between the crumb patches so that the top and bottom layers can still touch each other. That's the only way it'll stick together.

Still tastes delicious if it breaks in half, though!

Speaking of delicious, here are the other treats we've had so far:

That's a wrap for today. Enjoy embracing your inner Van Gogh til we meet again tomorrow. Let's eat!


Cookies and Cream Christmas Bark

Serves: 25-30 pieces Print


  • 24 oz (2 bags) white vanilla candy melts

  • 6 oz (½ bag) red vanilla candy melts

  • 6 oz (½ bag) green vanilla candy melts

  • 1 sleeve Winter Oreos


  1. Take 5 Oreos out of the sleeve of cookies and break them in the chunks with your hands. Take the remaining cookies in the sleeve and pulse them in the food processor until they are crumbs.

  2. Line and 13x9 inch cookie tray with wax paper. In a microwave safe bowl, melt 1 bag of white candy melts according to package directions. Pour on to prepared tray, and use a small offset spatula to spread evenly, covering most of the surface of the tray. Sprinkle cookie crumbs on top and press lightly with your hands to adhere. Make sure to use the cookie crumbs in patches and not to cover the entire surface completely. Place in the fridge for 10 mins.

  3. Remove the bottom layer from the fridge. In 3 separate bowls, melt the remaining white, red, and green candy melts according to package directions. Start with the white since there's more and it will take the longest. Time it so all 3 are in a melted state at the same time.

  4. Pour the white layer over the cookie crumbs first, and gently spread to cover the surface. Drizzle red and green melts over the white while it's still wet in any design you prefer. Also use the red and green to fill in any areas the white layer couldn't reach. Scatter broken cookie pieces on top, and press lightly to adhere. Place back in the fridge for 15-20 mins.

  5. Use a sharp knife to cut in to the bark and break it apart in to random pieces. Enjoy! These can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Recipe notes:

*When we're putting the cookie crumbs on the first layer, we need to leave space for the top layer to stick to the bottom. That's why we want to spread the crumbs in the top can still touch the bottom.

*You can use this method with any candy melt colors you like! So, this bark is great for holidays, birthdays, parties, etc.

*I like the Winter Oreos because of the red cream, but of course, regular Oreos will work the same.

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