Chocolate Mug Cake

July 28, 2019 by Nicole Collins You know how some things sound SOOO good in theory, but they’re no good in practice? That’s how I feel about mug cakes. Here’s the thing…I love the idea of having a super quick, single serve dessert ready in a few short minutes whenever your sweet tooth has a flare up. Throw a few ingredients in a coffee mug, toss it in the microwave…and bam! Cake! Sounds genius, right? I’ve tried my share of mug cake recipes, and I have one of the same two problems with all of them. 1. They taste like dirt. No flavor. So bland. Not satisfying at all. Or 2. They use 19,000 ingredients. Like seriously, if I wanted to pull that many things out of my pantry at 9 o’clock at night,

Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Truffles

July 24, 2019 by Nicole Collins Chocolate truffles are definitely a “feel better” food, for me. I don’t know that it’s in a comfort food kind of way. I think it’s more about the memories that I associate with truffles. I think we’ve talked before about things that spark certain memories for us: music, scents, tastes. I have a ton of those, for sure. But today’s treat makes me think of my mom. There's a local chocolatier where I live called Wockenfuss that has the best, in my opinion, truffles and buttercreams. They have all of the flavors, but my favorites are the vanilla and the strawberry buttercreams. Every so often, my mom will pick me up a box a chocolates from Wockenfuss. But, she does

Brunchin' Devils

July 12, 2019 by Nicole Collins Sometimes, I think the world needs a lesson in “choose your battles”. I saw this article on Facebook a few weeks ago about a celebrity family that renamed Deviled Eggs, “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs”. I just thought the whole thing was so ridiculous! “Deviled” does not mean “from the devil” when it comes to food. It means “spicy or zesty”. Does that really require a name change? And, Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs just seems like a bunch of random words thrown together. Doesn’t make any sense, to me. I don’t know…between the story itself and the range of comments on both sides of the scale, it just seemed like such a trivial thing to cause a stink about. That kind of go

Antipasti Salami Rolls

July 8, 2019 by Nicole Collins Are cravings the worst, or what? It’s crazy how a desire pops in your head out of nowhere and will not leave you alone. It nags and nags your mind until you either go nutso or give in. I imagine this scene happening in my brain of a small child pulling on her mom’s skirt whining “I want it. I WANT IT!!” When I get a craving, I might as well be that little girl. I WANT IT! I read or heard somewhere once that if you crave something for more than 3 minutes, it’s more than just an impulse craving and that you should go ahead and satisfy it. Has anyone ever heard that before? Can someone fact check me on that? There are some things that I crave on repeat…like sushi,

Peanut Butter Doggie Donuts

July 6, 2019 by Nicole Collins Today, we're celebrating the birthday boy in a bow tie! That's right...Mr. Bisco Davis is officially two years old! Though honestly, I think it's VERY possible that he's already been deep in his terrible twos for some time now based on his extra naughty behavior. You see, since Bisco is a rescue; I don't know when his actual birthday is. So, I had to make one up for him. I'm actually a few weeks late getting this post up, but my boy celebrated his birthday on June 19. I gave this puppy boy the name Bisco, because of his coloring. To me, he looks like ALL of the cookies, so Bisco is actually short for Nabisco. Nabisco was founded on June 19, 1898. When, I adopte

Pineapple Mint Green Tea

July 2, 2019 by Nicole Collins Remember that time I kept an herb garden alive for 10 days? Well, guess what? We’re at 24 days and counting, folks! So, what better way to celebrate than by using some more of those herbs (that I haven’t killed yet) in today’s recipe! Speaking of celebrate, can you believe that we’re just days away from celebrating the 4th of July? Like, when did that happen? How are we more than halfway through the year already? I feel like things just started to warm up around here, and now we’re already on the decline down to colder days ahead. It’s INSANE! But, I CANNOT think about that right now! I’m in total sunshine mode these days. We’ve been really blessed with some fa

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