Shrimp and Caramelized Onion Quesadillas

November 27, 2018 by Nicole Collins Guys, I have been so sick! I thankfully don't get sick that often, but this time around has been quite a doozie. I started feeling not quite right on Thanksgiving, felt ok Friday during the day, then on Friday night things started going downhill. By Saturday, I was pretending I was fine until I absolutely wasn't. Saturday night was rough. Bella and I both tossed and turned all night. (Little Charlie just shifted with us like a champ.) Sunday, I stayed curled up on the couch all day with the pups. And, yesterday I got to work from home, thank goodness. Today, I don't feel quite like death, but I'm certainly not out of the woods yet either. I'm not a medicin

The Moistmaker Sliders

November 23, 2018 by Nicole Collins Knock, Knock. Who's there? Ross Gellar's lunch. Ross Gellar's lunch, who? Ross Gellar's lunch. Please don't take me, ok? You better get the deadbolts out today folks, because you're not going to want anyone stealing (or throwing away half of) today's recipe. But, before we get in to was everyone's holiday? Are you still totally stuffed? Anyone doing any Black Friday shopping this morning? I'm sure there's some kind of scientific reason relating to the ins and outs of my metabolism to explain this; but whenever I eat late or go to bed super full, I wake up starving. It's the strangest thing. You'd think I'd get a couple extra hours of satisfaction

Steakhouse Salad with Creamy Horseradish Dressing

November 19, 2018 by Nicole Collins If you crave vegetables, does that officially make you an adult? I hope not. I don't want to grow up. I'm a Toys R Us kid! Well, not anymore I guess. So, I know I still need to give you the rundown on my Italy trip. Actually, I still need to give you the rundown on my new kitchen too. Wow, I just realized how far behind I actually am. And, there's that feeling of adulting again. Anyways, while we were in Italy, all we did was carb load. Pasta, bread, wine, repeat. That was our schedule for 7 days straight. There was even one night that we ended up having 2 dinners, one at 4pm and one at 10pm. It was not our intention at all, but when in Italy...right? We a

Strawberry Pretzel Pie

November 15, 2018 by Nicole Collins Could someone please explain to me when we became only 1 week away from Thanksgiving? Like, when did that happen? Seriously. Wasn't it just summer? Hot dang, I really hope the winter season flies by as quickly as the summer did. Because, if I hear one more report about how the northeast is in for a record breaking awful winter, I'm out. I'm packing up and going anywhere that snow doesn't exist. Bye, Felicia. On a happier note, now that we're in the holiday season, we're also in pie season! I'd say that I love pie, but that would only be half true. I don't really love pie. I love pie crust. I can't tell you how many times I've asked my mom if I could eat ar

Hot Cider Buttered Rum

November 11, 2018 by Nicole Collins I'm back! Did you miss me? I surely missed you! I'm so sorry I didn't check in with you the second I got back! But, I've been having a little bit of a hard time adjusting back to real life. I don't think I've detoxed yet from all of the pasta and wine. If you guys followed along on Instagram, you got to see some of the incredibly delicious things I got to eat. My brain is on overdrive right now, because I've got a million recipes I want to test/recreate from my Italian travels, but I've also got a whole list of Thanksgiving recipes I want to start banging out too. When in the world did Thanksgiving become less than 2 weeks away?!?! I've still got soooooooo

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