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Sugar Skull Punch

October 13, 2017 by Nicole Collins

Friday the 13th in October feels like the perfect Halloween season kick off.

And today's recipe is soooooo Halloween party worthy!

I'm going to embrace my inner Sandra Lee and tell you that it's cocktail time! And, I'm about to make you the superstar of all of your fall parties this season with this punch for grown ups!

There are a couple of things I need to confess about this recipe...shocker, right?

First, this drink did not come together on purpose.

I wouldn't call myself a mixologist by any means. But, one night after a long hard day, I just started cleaning out my fridge, and this happened. Those are always the best creations though, am I right?!?

Second, I wasn't really sure what to call this drink.

This drink traveled to a few different events with me last weekend, and I called it something different every time. I took it to a pirate themed birthday party, and I called it “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum”. It matched the theme; and since it was a kid's party, I had to be sure it was clearly marked.

I also took it to a Dia de Los Muertos Mask painting class where I just called it a cider rum drink. I shared this grown up beverage with the other students in the class, which looking back probably should've been a stranger danger moment for them.

But, art and cocktails just naturally bring everyone together, I guess!

Third, it's only 3 ingredients!!!!!

This, is the best part of the story, I think. Because, this is 100% a dump and drink kind of cocktail.

And, let's be honest, those are the best kind.

Let's go back to the name piece for a second. Both of the events that the drink accompanied me to this weekend had skulls as part of the theme. So, I got to thinking about the flavors of this drink and the sweetness of it, and I landed on Sugar Skull Punch!

The name is totally fitting for the Halloween season, since sugar skulls and Dia de Los Muertos is totally “in” for Halloween décor this year.

However, this cocktail would be just as much a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving libations, as well. So, you totally have my permission to change the name to Pilgrim Punch, or something like that.

The name is really not important here, because this drink is so delicious! It got rave reviews everywhere it went.

Though there are only 3 ingredients, each one of them really counts. So, ok; here it goes.

Apple cider, cream soda, and spiced rum. THAT'S IT!

The spiced rum and the apple cider have really similar flavor profiles, and you probably wouldn't naturally think of putting them together. But, they both are brewed with those spices we associate with fall like cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg. Because of that, they go absolutely perfectly together.

But then, the cream soda comes in to sweeten things up with its rich vanilla flavors. And, all is right with the world. The sweet sugary notes in this drink also confirmed my decision to call this Sugar Skull Punch.

Sugar...sweet...skull parties...grown up drink...punch. Totally makes sense, right?

And, as if this doesn't all sound good enough already, this drink is totally easy to make in a large batch for a crowd or to make as a single glass for yourself. So, it's perfect for a party of many or a party of one.

Whatever you do, just make sure this drink makes an appearance at all of your holiday events this season. You'll make lots of new friends that way!

Cheers, and let's drink!


Sugar Skull Punch

Serves: 22- 4oz drinks Print


  • ½ gallon (8 cups) apple cider

  • 1 ½ cups cream soda

  • 1 ½ cups spiced rum (I use Captain Morgan)


  1. Add all ingredients to a pitcher or punch bowl. Stir to combine. Chill, and serve!

Recipe notes:

*This recipe can be easily doubled to serve a larger crowd, or it can be easily adapted to a single serving. To make a single drink, use 8 oz apple cider, 1 shot (1 ½ oz) cream soda, and 1 shot (1 ½ oz) spiced rum.

*Save some time by chilling your apple cider and cream soda in advance.

*Make sure you get apple cider and not apple juice.

*To make this a Thanksgiving drink, rename it Pilgrim Punch!

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