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Bunny Napkin Rings

March 29, 2018 by Nicole Collins

We are making the most ADORABLE spring craft today!

Just in time for Easter, too!

I got the idea for today's project from a catalog. You know, one of those ones with the unique and unusual knick knack type stuff (that is usually way overpriced).

My mom and I are both suckers for this one company, in particular; and we both order stuff from them all of the time. So, I was perusing through the catalog one day, and saw these super cute napkin rings. But, they were a little pricey on their own. Plus, this particular book has high shipping rates. It could've easily turned in to a $20 purchase. They were cute, but not that cute. So, of course, I thought to myself “I could totally make those!”

And, that's just what I did.

So today, we're making Bunny Napkin Rings!

Not including hot glue, there are a total of two materials required for these. 2! And, I already had one of them in my craft room. So for me, these cost me $2 to make. Even if you don't already have either of the materials, you can walk away with making these for under $10 (depending on where you buy your craft supplies and what kinds of coupons they offer).


For this project we need gold napkin rings, burlap ribbon, and hot glue. That's it!

I found a cheapo $2 pack of 8 plastic napkin rings at Party City that were perfect for this project. There's no point in putting out lots of money on fancy napkin rings when we're just going to hot glue stuff to it.

When it comes to the burlap, I used burlap ribbon (1. because I already had it), but 2. because it has a natural stiffness to it that helps the ears stand up straight without needing any wire. And, we glue two pieces of ribbon together to make one ear, which makes them extra sturdy. Gluing the ear pieces together with the natural curve inward also helps them stand up straight.

The hardest part of this project is cutting the burlap and peeling the hot glue off of your fingers. And, that's really not hard at all!

We cut the burlap ribbon in to strips the size of our rings and in to bunny ear shapes. I just did a freehand ear/leaf like shape, and used one ear as my template for the rest. They were not perfect or exactly uniform, and I think that is what makes them extra charming. But, you can absolutely use a bunny ear template from online, too.

Then, glue a strip of burlap on to the ring, glue on the ears, let them dry, and they're done! Stuff them with pretty spring napkins (like these ones that I found on Amazon), or use them as menu holders in your table setting. Totally adaptable!

These little guys are sure to bring joy to your spring tables this year; and since they take so little effort, you pretty much have to go and make these like right now.

Happy Easter! And, let's craft!


Bunny Napkin Rings



  1. Cut strips of burlap ribbon to the size of your napkin rings. Also, freehand or outline a bunny ear pattern (about 2 inches tall and about an inch wide) on a piece of burlap. Cut out 4 ears per napkin ring.

  2. Trace hot glue along the top rim of the napkin ring. Carefully attach burlap strip to the napkin ring. Add another dot of glue to seal the ends. Repeat with remaining rings.

  3. Take 2 bunny ear cutouts. The ears should have a natural curl to them thanks to the ribbon spool. Glue them together by tracing the outside border of one ear (with the ear curving up) with hot glue. Carefully, attach the other ear (with the ear curving down), and press to seal. Repeat with remaining bunny ears.

  4. If your ears are pointed on both ends, cut off the tip on one end to create a flat edge. Trace a line of hot glue along the bottom edge of the ear, and attach it to the napkin ring so that it stands up straight. Hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue starts to dry. Repeat to attach a second ear to the napkin ring. Repeat this process with remaining napkin rings and bunny ears.

Project Notes:

* These rings could also be used as menu holders!

*These are the pretty spring napkins I used.

*I like to use the burlap craft ribbon because it's sturdy and can stand up on it's own. It you already have some thinner burlap at home that you want to use, put some picture hanging wire in between the two ear layers to help them stand up.

*To create the spring tablescape look, I used burlap chargers from the craft store, white dinner plates, pastel salad plates, and faux small potted flowers that I found at Walmart.

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