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Ranch Roasted Nuts

Ranch Roasted Nuts- A mixed blend of nuts are coated in ranch seasoning then roasted til golden and toasty.

January 6, 2023 by Nicole Collins

Did you know that flavor is more than just taste?

There was an exhibit set up at my work a couple weeks ago with interactive stations that challenged us to examine the question “what is flavor?” There was a video to watch, a booklet to take notes in, a couple different sensory stations…it was pretty cool.

The main lesson is that flavor is more than just taste. Flavor also takes into account environment, genetics, and experiences among other things.

There was this station that tested how we taste flavor. We had these little strips that we had to put into our mouths, and it measured what kind of taster we are. It turns out, I’m special. I fall in the 25% of the people that are considered super tasters. That little piece of paper shook me to the core with the overwhelming bitter flavor while my friends stood by with the same paper in their mouths feeling absolutely nothing.

We also did a smell test where we had to identify scents. I always joke that because I’m blind as a bat, the rest of my senses are super heightened. One of the scents we smelled was a citrus fruit, and I was confident that it was lemon. But as soon as we found out the answer was lime, it almost smelled differently to me. Suddenly, it smelled like the limiest lime that ever limed.

It’s really crazy how outside variables really do impact flavor and we don’t even know it.

Today’s recipe is full of nostalgic flavor for me, and now I’m so curious if it’ll taste the same for you!

So today, we’re making Ranch Roasted Nuts!

I had a snack mix over the summer that had ranch seasoned pecans in the blend, and I haven’t been the same since. There was just something extra special about them, and I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to recreate those flavors on my own.

Well, the time is now!

We’re going to start with 3 of my favorite nuts: pecans, cashews, and pistachios. You could switch up the nut blend if you wanted to or even buy a premixed blend of nuts. But, I needed the pecans to be abundant in this mix, so I like the idea of controlling the blend my favoring what I like. You can do that too!

We’ll add all of our nuts to a bowl, toss them with some avocado oil, and season them with a couple good scoops of store bought ranch dip mix. I love avocado oil for this blend because it’s neutral in taste, it has a high smoke point, and it’s one of the better oils from a “good fats” perspective. If you need to substitute the oil, I’d go for either a grapeseed or extra virgin olive oil as a replacement. California Olive Ranch actually makes an avocado/ olive oil blend that I love, and that works great here too.

Once we have our nuts coated in the seasoning, we’ll spread them out on a baking sheet, and pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes. We want to be sure to toss them every couple of minutes, because those nuts can go from zero to burnt pretty quickly.

After their quick stint in the oven, our nuts are done! We’ll let them cool down completely, transfer them to an airtight container, and they’ll stay perfectly fresh for at least 2 weeks.

These nuts are sooooooo amazing. You have the toasty, earthy flavors from the nuts. You have herbaceous and slightly tangy notes from the ranch seasoning. You have satisfying crunch in every bite. Plus, they’re loaded with the good kind of fat, they’re a good source of protein, and some researchers even think they promote cognitive health.

I would’ve settled for just a yummy snack, but you can’t lose when it’s good for you too!

Alright, everyone! That’s it for today!

I hope you guys enjoy. And, let’s eat!


Ranch Roasted Nuts

Serves: 4 ½ cups Print


  • 2 cups pecan halves

  • 1 ½ cups whole cashews, unsalted

  • 1 cup shelled pistachios, lightly salted

  • ¼ cup avocado oil

  • 3 tbsp ranch dip mix


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

  2. Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl. Toss well to completely coat the nuts in oil and seasoning.

  3. Spread nuts in a single layer on a large nonstick baking sheet. Bake for 15-18 mins, tossing the nuts every 5 mins to prevent burning. Allow nuts to cool completely.

  4. Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Recipe notes:

*You can use whatever blend of nuts you enjoy, or you could even use a store bought blend of nuts. But, I highly recommend going heavy on the pecans.

*If you need to substitute the avocado oil, use grapeseed or extra virgin olive oil instead.


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