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Valentine's Sushi Bento Box

Valentine’s Sushi Bento Box- Skip the box of chocolates and give your loved ones a box loaded with your favorite takeout items.

February 11, 2024 by Nicole Collins


Today, we’re making a Valentine’s Sushi Bento Box!


So here’s the deal. We’re doing something a little different today. I went back and forth on if I should even post this here, because we’re not really making a recipe today. We’re more assembling items into a precious presentation. But then I decided, this bento box situation is too cute not to share. So here we are!


To start, we need a box of chocolates. Now, I like to use a 5oz heart shaped box of Russel Stover chocolates. There are a couple reasons for this. One, I like the candy. We’re not eating the chocolate now, but we’re definitely not tossing it. Two, I think it’s the perfect size to build a feast for one. And three, I like that the chocolate tray pops out completely so we can utilize the whole heart shaped box for filling. I’ve found that some brands have the candy tray built into the box, and that’s not what we’re looking for in this project.


We’ll set the candy aside for later, use the paper liner that comes in the box to protect the bottom of the box, and we’re ready to start filling. Now here’s where all of the creative freedom goes to you. You can use homemade items. You can buy takeout items from your favorite “to go” spot. You can use frozen or grocery store bought items. You can fill these boxes with what makes you and your loved ones happy. I opted to use a little bit from each category.


The star of the show in my opinion is the heart shaped sushi. I made this myself at home using a device I purchased on Amazon. The cool thing about making your own sushi with a device like this is that you can fill it with whatever you love. For me, I took some canned salmon and mixed it with a little sriracha and kewpie mayo. Then, I filled in the roll with cucumber and avocado slices. I actually have a video tutorial of how I did this on IG and Tiktok, so check that out if you want to see it. I also made a second roll with some frozen tempura shrimp and cream cheese to add a little extra dimension to the box.


For the entrée element of the box, I ordered my favorite Chinese takeout. I added another little layer of parchment paper to protect the box, then scooped in some fried rice and sesame chicken. This is where you can really use what you love to customize these boxes.


Then to round out the meal with some veggies, I added some frozen edamame that I cooked according to package directions. Another great option is adding a little lettuce/cabbage salad dressed with a sesame dressing (Trader Joes makes an excellent creamy sesame dressing), then topping it with some minced scallions and/or chopped cashews. And of course we need to squeeze some dessert into the box, so we finish the whole thing off with a couple fortune cookies. You’ll have these if you order takeout, but many grocery stores sell boxes of fortune cookies in the international section, as well.


Now, are we saving any money by assembling these boxes this way? No. But are we making ourselves and our loved ones feel special by carefully curating a box of their favorite things then presenting it in the most beautiful way? Absolutely. The magic is in the whimsy of this presentation. And honestly, I felt so happy eating my dinner from this heart shaped box. It’s hard not to be.


Alright, everyone! When you recreate these boxes, make sure you tag me on socials so I can see too! I love it when you show your work!!


I hope you guys enjoy. And, let’s eat! 


Valentine’s Sushi Bento Box

Serves: 1          Print


  • 1 5oz heart shaped box of chocolates

  • 7-8 pieces of sushi

  • Edamame

  • Chinese takeout

  • Fortune cookies


  1. Remove the chocolate tray from a heart shaped box of chocolates. Use the protective liner from the box to line the bottom of the box. Set chocolates aside to enjoy later.

  2. Fill the box with sushi pieces, your favorite Chinese takout entrée, some edamame, and fortune cookies, to taste. 

  3. ENJOY!

Recipe notes:

*I used this device to make homemade heart shaped sushi. Check my IG or Tiktok for a video tutorial!

*You can use a mix of homemade, store bought, or takeout items to fill this box. Do whatever you find easier.

*You can customize this box with your favorite things. I made homemade sushi, takeout sesame chicken, and frozen edamame that I cooked according to package directions. This one is all about the fun of the presentation. Put whatever you want inside!

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