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Happy National Pet Day!

April 11, 2017 by Nicole Collins

Happy National Pet Day! What better opportunity to introduce you to The Pups section of my site. (And to brag about the precious babies...because I mean look at them.)

So, you know those parents that open up their wallet and a 10 foot long strip of pictures unfold? My dad was THAT dad. I was not only the youngest but the only girl, so he showed me off to anyone that he could. The equivalent of that in today’s technologically savvy world would be the parents that run out of storage on their phones because they took too many pictures.

Consider this section of my site to be just that. I’m an obsessed dog mom of 2 gorgeous fur babies that do the cutest, funniest, rottenest things in the whole wide universe. So, when you need a chuckle or just need the cutest puppy dogs eyes ever to stare you down, this is the place for you!

I’m the dog mom that makes sure their collars match the seasons. I’m the dog mom that buys special cookie cutters so that I can make them personalized dog cookies. I’m the dog mom that makes them pose for a Christmas picture every year. I’m the dog mom that throws them birthday parties and makes them wear party hats (that they despise). I’m THAT dog mom. My future human children have so much torment to look forward to!

This space is dedicated to the babies. We can use this as a place to share best practices with each other. We can use this place to share stories with each other. Sometimes people don’t understand that the 4 legged babies are just as much our children as the 2 legged ones. So let’s celebrate that here! I’ll share pics and stories of my pretty babies, and I’ll share with you some of the projects I like to force upon them! You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this space. All animals are welcome here!

Like I said, I have 2 fur babies. Both are dachshunds (doxies, weenies, hot dogs, whatever you like to call them). It’s not easy being a doxie mom. Doxies are stubborn (like me)! They never stop barking…ever. They are constantly digging a never ending hole in the bed, the sofa, and the floor. They steal food at every opportunity. They love to insert themselves in situations they have no business being a part of. Rotten is my most used descriptive word for them.

BUT, doxies are the snuggliest, squishiest, cutest, most loyal, protective doggies ever. They’re great for keeping you warm in the winter, and they’re great at licking off your sweat in the summer (gross at first, but charming in time). Man’s best friend is an understatement when it comes to these adorable little creatures. Their love is unconditional! You have to have doxies in pairs though. They crave companionship like nobody’s business. Mostly, they need a partner in crime to help destroy the house while I’m at work. Kidding! Kinda…

My little girl is Bella Bunny. My baby boy is Charlie Roo. Stay tuned for a full intro to them in the near future!

These are some shots of little Bella’s 10th birthday party from a few weeks ago to hold you over.

Bark at ya soon!

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