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Spicy California Roll Stuffed Avocado

August 12, 2017 by Nicole Collins



You see, I only actually LOVE the cooked sushi. You know, the crab, the shrimp, the steak, the veggie sushi...

In reality, I feel like such a fraud when I say that I love sushi. The whole point of sushi is the raw fish aspect, but I just can't get down with that. The majority of my issues with food that I don't like can be put in to one of two categories: smell or texture. Raw fish violates that texture measurement in soooo many ways for me. It's just a little too squishy!

I feel like I have to explain myself anytime I have a conversation about sushi. “I love sushi and crave it all the time!” (shouted from the rooftops); “But, only the cooked kind” (whispered under my breath while I hide my eyes).

I'm truly ashamed that I don't love all sushi. I want to. I really do. I can shove a spicy tuna roll in my mouth occasionally, if necessary; but it's definitely not my first choice by any means. All the squishy! :-(

Thankfully, there's a sushi place near my house that has a TON of cooked options for me. And not only is there a large variety of menu options, the food is incredible. I'm always nervous when I go to pick up a carryout order, because there's never anyone dining in there. But, the lights are still on so someone is keeping them in business. I know I certainly contribute my fair share!

When life is too tough and I can't make any decisions (I'm super indecisive in general but especially when it comes to food), I have 2 “go to” rolls that I don't ever think twice about: the Pearl River Roll and the Spicy California roll.

The Pearl River Roll is pretty much what my dreams are made of. Cream cheese, tempura shrimp, white seaweed, and this mayo sauce that is indescribable. #drooling

But, the Spicy California Roll is the one roll that I get every single time I order sushi. I mean EVERY time. It's just your basic California Roll: avocado, cucumber, and crab stick rolled inside seaweed and rice, but it's drizzled with this spicy mayo sauce that is just stupid good. It's so simple, but it's everything to me.

I haven't dabbled in making my own sushi yet, though I totally should. I'd save SOOO much money. But, I've made my share of deconstructed sushi bowls in an attempt to recreate my favorite flavors at home.

Today's recipe is an ode to my favorite sushi roll.

It starts with a spicy mayo mix of just sriracha and mayo. So easy! It's really not that spicy either, so don't be scared that you're about to set your mouth on fire. It's not like that, at all. Then, we add some diced cucumbers and lump crab meat. We stuff it in a lightly seasoned avocado, and BAM! A nice lite and healthy meal!!

I like to top mine with a pinch of furikake seasoning, which is a rice seasoning that has seaweed flakes and sesame seeds. It gives our stuffed avocado even more of a sushi like feel! I also like to serve some soy sauce on the side; because, let's be honest, the soy sauce is probably the best part anyway. But, that could just be the salty snacker in me talking.

I also like to serve some edamame on the side. Because, salt. And, you can actually get already cooked and salted edamame from the freezer section at the grocery store. It only requires steaming it in its own bag for 5 minutes. Fool proof and totally simple!

Today is the day I put an end to my sushi shame. Because with recipes like this, who needs raw fish!

Enjoy, and let's eat!


Spicy California Roll Stuffed Avocado

Serves: 4 Print


  • ¼ cup mayo

  • 1 tbsp sriracha

  • 1 mini cucumber, diced (about ½ cup), or ½ cup diced seeded cucumber

  • 8 oz fresh lump crab meat

  • 2 avocados, sliced in half and pitted

  • salt, to taste

  • furikake seasoning, to taste, optional

  • soy sauce, for serving, optional


  1. Mix mayo and sriracha in a mixing bowl. Add diced cucumber and crab meat. Stir to combine.

  2. Using a spoon, slide the spoon between the peel and the flesh of the avocado to remove the avocado halves from the skin. Season the top side of the avocado with a pinch of salt. Spoon ¼ of the filling in to the nook of each avocado. Top crab meat with a pinch of furikake seasoning, if desired. Serve immediately with soy sauce on the side.

Recipe notes:

*Peel on or peel off is the question when it comes to stuffed avocado. It's easier to eat with the peel off. However, if you're taking this to go for lunch, leave the peel on. Place plastic wrap against the flesh of the avocado to keep it from browning. Then, remove the peel and stuff with the crab mixture when it's time to eat.

*Fresh crab meat makes all the difference. Don't used canned if you don't have to.

*I like to use mini cucumbers because they're not as wet. If you're going to use a regular cucumber, make sure to take out the seeds and pat it dry to get some moisture out.

*Furikake seasoning is a rice seasoning that combines crushed seaweed, sesame seeds, salt, and sugar. It really gives this stuffed avocado even more of a sushi like taste. It's optional, but worth it! I get mine from here on Amazon, but I'm sure you could find it an an Asian market.

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