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Foxy Valentines

February 10, 2019 by Nicole Collins

Hey, my foxy friends!

Happy Sunday! Who’s ready to get their craft on in the most delicious way today?

We’re making something sweet for our loved ones today in preparation of the upcoming “day of love” next week. But, first I want to tell you how I really feel about Valentine’s Day.

Though I’m totally excited about these treats today, I have to be honest. I feel like people get a little too worked up over Valentine’s Day. I see so many people stress themselves out about gifts, and fancy dinners, and setting (or trying to meet) totally unrealistic expectations for themselves and their loved ones.

On the other hand, equally as many people fall into a really unhealthy depression when they don’t have someone special to spend the day with. It’s almost like people forget that you don’t need a significant other to be loved.

Honestly, I think the only time we ever got Valentine’s Day right was when we were kids and gave out valentines to everyone. Everyone was included. Everyone got to feel some love. And, the biggest pressure was trying to make sure your pencil didn’t break while you were writing out all of the cards for the class.

As a matter of fact, I think there are probably many things that kids get right that we over-complicate as adults. Friendships were more genuine. Food tasted more delicious. Everything was an adventure. Oh, to have that same pure innocence before adulthood made everything stressful and stupid…

We’re going back to our happier childlike selves today and making a valentine’s treat that can be shared with everyone. And, we’re even embracing our inner poets to create a truly one of a kind valentine’s gift this year.

Today, we’re making Foxy Valentines!

These valentines are SO fun to put together using a few seasonal store bought ingredients. And I guarantee, you won’t find any valentines out there like these!

We start with some heart shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups. To make them extra fun and easy to handle, we’re going to dip some lollipop sticks in melted milk chocolate and stick them in the bottom of the heart so that our treats become a handheld one. While the stick is setting, we’re going to attach some chocolate chips to the curved parts of the heart to give our foxes some ears.

We really get to embrace our inner Rembrandt when it comes time to draw on the foxy faces. I used white candy melts, because I think they melt a little easier. But, you could certainly use melted white chocolate for the face. The easiest way to control the melted chocolate is to transfer it to a piping bag, snip off the tip, and carefully outline the shape of the face before filling in the outline. You’re almost making a backwards half heart when it comes to the white on the face. Then, some M&Ms finish the face with 2 eyes and a nose. To add a little extra flare to the foxy face, we can add some accents to the ears by piping on a dollop of white chocolate and a sprinkle or red or pink decorating sugar.

While we’re waiting for the foxes to dry, we can start writing up or valentines! I chose to write my valentines on some woodland themed scrapbook paper cut out in to hearts, but you can use any color or pattern of paper you like. Here are some poems you can use to attach to your treats:

*Roses are red. Foxes are quick. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite chick!

*Roses are red. Foxes are clever. Happy Valentine’s Day for the rest of forever!

*Roses are red. Foxes are sly. Happy Valentine’s Day to an awesome guy!

*Roses are red. Foxes can be too. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

*Roses are red. Foxes are smart. Happy Valentine’s Day from the bottom of my heart!

*Roses are red. Foxes are cute. I wish you the best Valentine’s Day to boot!

Once everything is dry, we wrap them in some treat bags, tie a ribbon on the end, and they’re ready to share!

You really can’t go wrong when Reese’s are involved, but I guarantee your loved ones will appreciate the time you took to make them a special, handmade treat. Plus, this is a super fun project to work on with the kiddos so they can, for sure, have the most unique valentine’s gift in their class!

Alright guys, now that we’ve gotten a special sweet treat under our belts to share with our loved ones, wait until you see the special dinner idea I have for you on Tuesday!

‘Til then, enjoy! And, let’s eat!


Foxy Valentines

Serves: 12 Print


  • 2 packs (12 total) Reese's peanut butter hearts, unwrapped

  • 1/8 cup + 24 individual milk chocolate chips

  • 36 mini M&Ms (M&M baking bits) in brown

  • ¼ cup white candy melts (or white chocolate chips)

  • red or pink decorating sugar, optional

  • lollipop sticks

  • small treat bags

  • scrapbook paper

  • ribbon


  1. Melt 1/8 cup milk chocolate chips according to package directions. Dip lollipop stick in the melted chocolate until roughly a ½ inch is coated, and insert the lollipop sticks in the bottom of the Reese's hearts (the pointed end). Dip the flat side of 2 individual chocolate chips in the melted chocolate, and attach one chip to each curved part of the heart to make the ears. Repeat with remaining Reese's hearts.

  2. Melt white candy melts according to package directions. Transfer to a piping bag with the tip cut off. Carefully outline the foxes face by drawing half of a heart on opposite sides of the heart, meeting at the pointed end of the heart. Attach two brown M&Ms for the eyes and 1 red M&M for the nose. Use the white chocolate to dollop a small dot on each ear, and color with decorating sugar. Allow foxes to dry completely for 1-2 hours.

  3. Meanwhile, trace hearts or the design of your choice on to scrapbook paper, and cut out. Write the foxy poems above on each card.

  4. Once the foxes have completely dried, insert the lollipop in the small treat bag, tie shut, and secure the card with ribbon. Enjoy!

Recipe notes:

*6 foxy poems are written out in the above post for you to use for your valentines!

*You can buy candy melts, lollipop sticks, treat bags, ribbon, and scrapbook paper at your local craft store. Crafts stores ALWAYS run coupons, so be sure to check before you go!

*When you transfer the white candy melts to the piping bag and snip the tip, keep in mind the smaller the tip, the easier the confection will be to control. Don't cut too big of a hole, or you'll have white candy EVERYWHERE!

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