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PB&J Milkshake

PB&J Milkshakes- The ultimate pairing of strawberry and peanut butter turned into a rich and creamy dessert drink.

September 2, 2021 by Nicole Collins

Can you believe it's back to school season already?

I sure can't, and I don't even have anyone in school to worry about.

I feel like the past year and a half has been everyone talking about how fast time is flying on repeat. Can you believe it's summer? Can you believe it's back to school? Can you believe it's Christmas?

Cause, we're approaching the 100 days countdown to Christmas, and it will seriously be here before we know it.

I also feel like we talk about this every year, but back to school season puts me in total PB&J mode. It's just what I equate with school season. And, I guess I'm celebrating in solidarity for all of you parents and guardians out there that have to navigate school season in these unprecedented times.

But, peanut butter makes everything better if you ask me. So, have some of today's recipe on stand by for the kiddos and for yourself when everyone gets home from school. It will cure all the school day blues!

Today, we're making PB&J Milkshakes!

With just a couple of staple ingredients, we can have a sweet and creamy shake at our fingertips in just a few minutes. Don't you love a dessert that you don't have to wait for?!? So, let's get to it...

There's not much to say about this milkshake. It's pretty basic. All we need is some chopped fresh strawberries, a little peanut butter, some vanilla ice cream, and some milk. Throw it all in a blender, blend until smooth, and recipe complete!

However, there are a few nuances that we need to consider when making this milkshake. First up, the milk matters. I'm usually a low fat milk kinda gal, but we want a higher fat content for this milkshake, because that's one of the things that helps keep it nice and creamy. Whole milk is first choice, but 2% milk works fine too. If you're craving this shake in a pinch and only have 1% or skim milk on hand, mix it with some heavy cream to help balance out the fat content. Works like a charm!

When it comes to strawberries, they don't need to be frozen to be successful in this milkshake. We can throw them straight in from the fridge. But, if you want a thicker shake, you could totally freeze the berries first. Now if your strawberries are not super sweet, you can help them along by adding a tablespoon of strawberry jam to the blender to help bump up the strawberry flavor and the sweet flavor. It's a great trick to keep in your back pocket!

For me, the best part of a milkshake is the garnishes. And, we're going to put our garnishes right on the rim of the glass! To start, we'll take a little peanut butter and schmear it all over the rim of your serving glass. Then, take some freeze dried strawberries, crush them up, and mix them with pretty sprinkles to adhere right onto the peanut butter. From there, pour in your shake, add another fresh strawberry on the rim for decoration, and finish it off with a pretty paper straw to complete the vibe. Super simple, and super beautiful!

These creamy shakes are exactly what you'd want them to be. They're the perfect balance of fresh strawberry and creamy peanut butter. The vanilla ice cream is what adds thickness and volume to the drink. And, the milk just ties it all together.

Besides, milk does a body good...right?

Yes, these milkshakes have ice cream in them which makes them dessert. But, I'd have to argue that fresh fruit, protein loaded peanut butter, and calcium rich milk has to put these shakes somewhere near the healthy category, don't you think?

I think we could persuade a jury on that.

Either way, these shakes are a comforting treat for the kiddos and grown ups, alike. What better way can you think of to bond with your littles than over a peanut butter and jelly flavored ice cream extravaganza?

You're right...this shake is the only way.

Ok, everyone. I hope your back to school season is smooth, your families stay safe, and your bellies stay satisfied. I'm hear to help with that wherever I can!

I hope you enjoy! And, let's drink!


PB&J Milkshake

Serves: 2 Print


  • 6 scoops (3 cups) vanilla ice cream

  • 2 cups strawberries, chopped

  • 3 tbsp peanut butter, plus more for garnish

  • ½ cup milk (whole or 2%)

  • crushed freeze dried strawberries and sprinkles, for garnish


  1. Allow ice cream to sit out on the countertop for about 10 mins to soften slightly.

  2. Meanwhile, decorate the glasses: Schmear a thin layer of peanut butter around the rim of two serving glasses. Mix crushed freeze dried strawberries and sprinkles, and pour onto a small plate. Dip rimmed glass into the sprinkle mix, gently pressing the mix into the peanut butter to adhere. Set aside.

  3. To a blender, add ice cream, strawberries, 3 tbsp peanut butter, and milk. Blend until fully combined and smooth. Pour into prepared serving glasses. Serve immediately, and enjoy!

Recipe notes:

*We want to use a full fat milk for this recipe to keep our shake nice and creamy. Whole milk works best, but 2% will also work. If you don't have either, you could splash some heavy cream into 1% milk to up the fat content.

*If your strawberries are not super sweet, you can add 1 tbsp of strawberry jam or preserves to help bump up the sweetness and the strawberry flavor.

*I get my sprinkle mixes from Fancy Sprinkles. They have the prettiest blends!


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