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Chinese Takeout Board

Chinese Takeout Board- Elevate your favorite takeout meal with special touches and a crowd pleasing display.

December 10, 2021 by Nicole Collins

We're in the home stretch on Day 10 of our 12 Days of Grazing Boards series!

And today's board is for all the families out there that celebrate the holidays at their favorite Chinese takeout spot. Whether it's a Christmas Eve tradition (like at my house), a Christmas Day tradition, or how you ring in the New Year; this special board is a fun way to add some wow factor to a humble meal.

Today, we're making a Chinese Takeout Board!

For this delicious board, we're taking all of our favorite carryout dishes and displaying them in a fun and beautiful way. We all know that Chinese takeout tastes like absolute perfection straight from the carryout container. But we're going to transfer our goodies to cute serving dishes, spread them out family style on a platter, and fill in the blanks with some grocery store bought goodies that round out the meal.

Now when you look at a Chinese takeout menu, you typically have pages and pages of options. So, what do you pick to fill in this board? Pick what you love to eat, of course! To add some variety, I recommend having at least 2 types of sushi rolls, one noodle dish, one rice dish, and one protein/veggie entree. Transfer each item from their packaging and onto the platter, and we're most of the way there!

To fill in some of the gaps on the board, I like to have a couple appetizer snacks. Now, you can order these with the rest of your food, or you can save a couple bucks and buy pre-made versions from the grocery store. I added some seaweed snacks, crispy green beans, and cream cheese wontons to my board. But, egg rolls or spring rolls would also be a perfect match for this board. You could even lighten this board up a bit by adding an Asian slaw or salad to the board.

A Chinese takeout meal is not complete without fortune cookies, and you can actually buy these in a box at the grocery store. You can remove them from their wrappers, and make them a focal point on the board. The store bought cookies come with fortunes on the inside, but I like to slip a bonus handwritten fortune in there too!

To finish this board, add some packets of soy sauce and duck sauce, display some chopsticks, and we're ready to serve. If you have any additional dipping sauces that you like to use with your takeout meal like a sweet chili sauce or a creamy sesame sauce, feel free to add little bowls of that either on the board or on the side, as well.

The magic of this board is all in the display. There's really no effort involved other than spacing food out on a platter, which is a great way to impress your loved ones while still having plenty of time to fully enjoy their company.

This board is a win, win all around!

Ok, everyone! We have 2 more boards to go, so make sure you don't miss the finale!

I hope you guys enjoy! And, let's eat!


Chinese Takeout Board

Serves: unlimited Print


  • fried rice

  • lo mein

  • sesame chicken

  • sushi

  • cream cheese wontons

  • seaweed snacks (I used sea salt)

  • green bean fries, cooked according to package directions (I used Bird's Eye Crispy Green Beans)

  • fortune cookies

  • soy sauce packets

  • duck sauce packets


  1. Place rice, noodles, and chicken in separate serving bowls, and arrange on serving board. Arrange remaining items on board, making sure to alternate colors, shapes, and textures on the board. Enjoy!

  2. Plan to serve about 1 cup total of rice/noodles/chicken combined and 4-6 sushi bites per person. Serve green bean fries, seaweed snacks, and fortune cookies, as needed (these are easy to have on the side for refills).

Recipe notes:

*The beauty of this board is that you can use homemade (store bought) items, carryout items, or a combination of both (which is what I did). Put whatever you like to order and eat on this board. Aim for at least 2 types of sushi, one meat entree, one noodle dish, and one rice dish. You could absolutely add small bowls of ramen or wonton soup to this board too.


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