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Rudolph's Board

Rudolph's Board- A sweet and savory snack board suitable for Santa, his number one reindeer, and us!

December 12, 2021 by Nicole Collins

It's Day 12! And, that means it's the last day of our 12 Days of Grazing Boards series!

I don't know if I want to celebrate or cry!

The final board of our series celebrates the first in command of the man of the season.

Today, we're making Rudolph's Board!

Though this board is meant for Santa's number one guy, we've got components on here that the big guy will enjoy, as well. And, of course, we can enjoy this board too!

We all know that reindeer love carrots, so we have to start our board with some baby carrots. But, did you know that Santa's reindeer also love candy? Because, they do! So to make sure they don't overeat the chocolate, which they tend to do, we're going to add some miniature chocolate holiday candies right to our board.

Reindeer also love to eat reindeer munch. Any other time of year, you might know this mix better as “muddy buddies” or “puppy chow”. But, Rudolph's version pops up at holiday time and has the addition of red and green M&Ms. So, we have to make sure some of that makes it on the board too.

After all that snacking, it's possible Rudolph might leave behind a surprise of his own. What goes in must come out, right? So if you see some reindeer poo, or chocolate covered cashews, on the board; don't be alarmed!

Rudolph, his reindeer buddies, and Santa come as a package set; so we have to make sure to leave some cookies, milk, and candy canes on the board too. Then, to balance out everyone's sweet teeth, we'll finish the board with a handful of pretzel sticks. And, the holiday delivery team is refueled and ready to go!

Now, I understand that there are so many yummy things on this board that it might be difficult to leave it for Rudolph without taking a few bites first. And, you know what? I won't tell if you don't. Make a big board for your loved ones and you, and make a second board for Rudolph and his team. That feels like the best solution here.

Well, everyone. That's a wrap on our 12 Days of Grazing Boards series! I hope you guys have had as much fun with this series as I have. But have no fear, we're nowhere near finished with Christmas content yet!

Thanks so much for following along, and make sure you tag me on social media when you recreate these boards at home!

Enjoy, HO HO HO, and let's eat!


Rudolph's Board

Serves: unlimited Print


  • Chex Muddy Buddies (or puppy chow)

  • baby carrots

  • chocolate covered cashews

  • assorted chocolate candy

  • mini pretzel sticks

  • mini candy canes

  • mini chocolate chip cookies

  • mini gingerbread cookies

  • red and green M&Ms

  • milk


  1. Arrange all items on the board, making sure to alternate colors, shapes, and textures on the board. Serve with milk on the side. Enjoy!

  2. Plan to serve about 3-4 treats each per person. Serve pretzel sticks, muddy buddies, M&Ms, and candy canes, as needed (these are easy to have on the side for refills).

Recipe notes:

*You can usually find seasonal shaped bowls at the Bullseye Playground section of Target, Homegoods, or the craft store. Use these to hold loose items like trail mix to add color and height to the board.

*Using seasonal treats is a great way to make this board special. Look for candies/cookies that are holiday themed in flavor or color.


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