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DIY Jewelry Rack

January 12, 2018 by Nicole Collins

This could possibly be one of my FAVORITE DIY projects, to date.

And, my house is FULL of my DIY creations!

Today, we're making a DIY Jewelry Rack!

This project came about 100% out of necessity. Those are the best kind!

You see, I'm kind of obsessed with all things jewelry. I love it. I can't get enough. My family and friends know this about me, so they TOTALLY hooked me up this year for Christmas. Just this year, I got 5 new necklaces and 1 new bracelet. And that's only my Christmas bounty. And, that's not including the jewels I gifted myself.

I told you. I LOVE JEWELRY!

It was getting to the point where I needed a better storage system, so I started doing some online searches for necklace holders. I found some really cute ones. But, the minimum starting price was about $25, and those would only hold about half of my necklaces.

The ones I liked all seemed to have the same kind of design...board with hooks. So, I thought to myself, “I bet I could make that.” And guess what? I could!

I started with a wooden plaque that I found at my local craft store, AC Moore. I love that place! They get most of my expendable money. #truth

My original vision was just a single block of scrap wood. But, when I saw the plaque that I ended up with, my vision grew!

I stained the wood with a white stain to give it a white washed look. Then, I used some decoupage glue to attach a really pretty pattern of scrapbook paper that I found.

While the glue was drying, I twisted in the cup hooks. I had A LOT of necklaces to hang, so I spaced my hooks pretty close together: a half inch apart. I'm making another one of these for the bestie, and I'll probably space hers ¾ inches apart.

And here's a quick tip for easily getting the cup hooks in, use a hammer and a small nail to start little holes where you want to twist in the hooks. It gives them a little nook to grip which makes twisting easier. Trust me on this. I didn't think to do this til I was on hook 28 of 36...long after my thumb had blistered and my fingers were about to fall off.

After the glue dried, I used some sandpaper to wear off the gloss and give the paper a more weathered look. It actually kind of made the scrapbook paper melt in to the wood. Insert heart emoji here.

Then, I finished with some embellishments of these ADORABLE stickers that I found at the craft store. They kinda make this whole deal, in my opinion.

To hang this, I use some command strips. I have pin holes ALL OVER my house thanks to all of the pictures I've hung over the years. So, I wasn't so much worried about banging another hole in to the wall. But, I wanted something that would safely hold some weight, because I do have some chunky and heavy necklaces. I just felt safer with these. And, the lack of holes required was just an extra plus!

This rack makes me smile every time I walk past it now. It's just SOOOOOO pretty! And the best part? I built this for about $10 thanks to craft store coupons. And, I still have half of the supplies left to make another one!

You can customize this to look however you want. It's more about the method here. Find a piece of wood that you like. Use the colors of stain and scrapbook paper that match your motif. Use stickers or don't use them...whatever you like!

So have fun, use this as an excuse to request more jewelry, and let's craft!


DIY Jewelry Rack


  • Wooden plaque, board, or scrap wood

  • Wood stain (optional)

  • scrapbook paper

  • Modge Podge (decoupage glue)

  • sandpaper

  • cup hooks (7/8”)

  • Stickers and embellishments, optional

  • Command Strips, for hanging

  • paint brush

  • ruler, nail, and hammer for marking cup hooks


  1. If you're choosing to stain your wood, protect your work area with cardboard or old sheets. Use a foam brush to apply stain to the front side of the wood. Allow to dry completely. Flip over, and apply stain to the other side. Allow to dry.

  2. Cut scrapbook paper to the size of the wooden plaque. If your paper is shorter than the length of the wood, be mindful of trying to line up the pattern on the paper between the two pieces of paper you have to cut. Use a paint brush to apply Modge Podge to the wood. Lay scrapbook paper on the wood, and press down with your hands, making sure run your hands along the length of the wood to get out any bubbles.

  3. While the Modge Podge dries, attach the cup hooks. Use a ruler to mark how you want to space out the cup hooks along the bottom edge of your wood. If you have a lot of jewelry, you could space them out ½ inch apart. If not, you could stretch it out to ¾ -1 inch apart. Use a hammer and nail to prick holes in the wood to get your hooks started. Screw in the hooks as straight as possible.

  4. Apply a top coat of Modge Podge to the scrapbook paper by painting glue directly on top of the paper. Allow to dry for at least 4 hours.

  5. If desired, use sandpaper to give the scrapbook paper a weathered look. You'll need to rub pretty hard to take off the shine from the glue and to impact the paper. Focus on sanding the edges to make the paper look like its a part of the wood. Also spend a good bit of time sanding over the seam if you have to use 2 strips of paper on the wood.

  6. Attach stickers for embellishments, if desired. If your stickers look like they're peeling away from the wood, apply a little dab of glue to help them stick.

  7. Attach the Command Strips according to package directions. Hang, and swoon!

Project Notes:

* You can use wood in whatever shape you love and scrapbook paper in whatever colors you like. The staining is optional based on the colors you choose.

*The sticker embellishments are optional based on the design you're going for, but I personally think they make this project.

*Cup hooks come in a few different colors and sizes. I found that the 7/8” ones are the perfect size for this project. You can get them from the hardware section at Walmart where the picture hanging stuff is. Or, you can order them online here.

*These are the Command Strips that I used.

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