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These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

Here are some of my favorite products all put together in one place!


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Small Appliances:

*Ninja Foodi Air Fryer- My GO TO air fryer!

*Ninja Food Prep- I use the small container to blend all things sauces, dressings, and marinades.

*Kitchenaid Immersion Blender- My go to for making hollandaise.

*Portable Cooktop Burner- I use this in my cooking videos, but it'd also be great for camping or dorm rooms.


*Mason Jar Wine Glass- The perfect way to serve summer beverages.

*Martini Glasses- The perfect serving vessel for my Ornamentinis.

*Glass Loaf Pan- I love using this to store No Churn Ice Cream.

*14 oz Jar with Lid- These are great for overnight oats and breakfast parfaits.

*Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet- I LOVE these for my various oils. I splatter painted them to add some pizazz.

*WECK Jelly Jars- I also love these for storing parfaits, puddings, and chia jams.

*Beer Can Glasses + Chip/Dip Set- Everything you need for a game night in one place.

*Glass Meal Prep Containers- The compartments are the perfect size!

Gadgets and Utensils:

*Cheese Knife- the serrated blade is perfect for cutting cheeses, fruits, and tomatoes.

*Metal 12 piece Biscuit Cutter- I love the size variety on these. From biscuits to donut holes!

*Plastic Biscuit Cutter- I love the option for scalloped edges on these.

*Large Silicone Ice Cube Trays- These are great for storing sauces in the freezer. They each hold 1/2 cup.

*Nonstick Baking Sheets- These are a knock off of the Goldtouch pans from Williams Sonoma, and I LOVE them.

*Silicone Pie Shield- These are great for keeping your crusts from burning. I use them all of the time for quiche.

*9 Inch Square Nonstick Pan- I use this for blondies, brownies, and my 2 ingredient dough focaccia.

*Silicone Baking Mat for Macarons- I love that there's no guesswork for shaping macarons.

*Silicone Baking Mat- A great nonstick baking alternative to parchment paper.

*Popsicle Mold- I have a couple sets of these. Super easy to fill and clean.

*Mismatched Forks/Knives/Spoons- These are super fun for adding pops of color to a table.

*Kitchen Scale- 100% necessary for accurate baking.

*Steamer Basket- Use this to make my Maryland Steamed Shrimp.

*Rotary Cheese Grater- The gadget you didn't know you needed.

*Box Grater- I still adore my more traditional box grater.

*Microplane- This is the tool you need for zesting citrus or grating garlic.

Dishes and Serving:

*Soup Bowls- My followers voted on this pattern for me to buy, and I'm obsessed with these!

*Marbled Pasta Bowls- These are the perfect size for a yummy bowl of pasta.

*Wooden Serving Trays- These are so cute for small cheeseboards or sandwich displays.

*Burger Trays- I love serving sandwiches on these for a takeout vibe.

*5 oz Round Baking Dish- I use these for my single serve s'mores all the time.

*Sealable Beverage Pouch- Homemade Capri Sun, anyone? How about a grown up one? ;-)

*Cast Iron Enamel Braiser- A great Le Creuset knock off for a fraction of the price.

*Zipzicle Resealable Pouches- Perfect for homemade freezie pops.

Food Styling and Decor:

*Silicone Dome Mold- This is the perfect size for making hot chocolate bombs.

*Ceramic Number Dish- This comes in every letter and number.

*Bamboo Cocktail Picks- I love these for sandwiches. They're easy to cut down if you need a smaller size too.

*Snowflake Toothpicks- I use this in my Snowglobe Jarcuterie.