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No Churn Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Swirl

October 7, 2017 by Nicole Collins

The time has come for us to listen to the little devil that's been sitting on our shoulder this week.

We've been good alllllllllllllll week. So now, we get to be a little bad.

And being bad is SO SO good!

As promised on Tuesday, we're celebrating the month of October with the fruit of the season: pumpkin.

We started out the week being good and healthy with our Pumpkin Chip Nicecream. We got to enjoy the pumpkin spice craze without the guilt that often comes with it.

Actually, let's talk about that guilt for a sec.

I, for real, am ashamed of myself whenever I get suckered in to buying all the things that now come in pumpkin spice flavor. I feel like I should know better. I don't think I've ever bought anything pumpkin spiced that I actually needed.

Pumpkin spice tea...still sitting in the pantry from last year.

Pumpkin spice coffee creamer...I don't even drink coffee! (It's amazing in hot chocolate though.)

Pumpkin spice Oreos...I have to buy all of the special edition flavors.

Pumpkin spice pretzels...gross (the Snyder ones). However, pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels...amazing! Still don't need them, though!

I can't even be mad at that little pumpkin spice devil though. Especially, because she inspired me to make us something crazy delicious today.

No Churn Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Swirl.

I'm just going to let you absorb that for a sec.

This ice cream is everything. It's so good, I had to get it out of my house asap. I would've eaten the whole thing myself.

It's so good, a room full of people who had been stuffing their faces all day at a birthday brunch found room to make for this ice cream.

It's so good, that one of my employees (who I later found out is lactose intolerant) was first in line for this icecream.

I told you, this ice cream had to travel. I couldn't be trusted with it! And, look at the sacrifices it found in its path.

Our nicecream that we made earlier in the week was probably as simple as it gets, but today's no churn ice cream is just as easy.

No churn ice cream is kind of amazing. There's not a ton of effort involved, and it comes out so rich and creamy. Unlike our recipe earlier in the week, we're making a full batch of this baby. Because, I'd hate to see that devil rear her ugly head when she goes back for seconds and there are none.

Our ice cream base is a simple mix of sweetened condensed milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla. Then, we fold in some fresh made whipped cream, and we let it do it's thing.

But before we put our ice cream mix in the freezer, we've got to swirl in a little cookie butter for good measure. Yup, I just went there. The gingery, spicy cookie butter adds this depth of flavor that you don't see coming when it's mixed with the pumpkin pie spices. And, it adds some texture in the midst of the smooth creamy ice cream. I can eat cookie butter straight from a jar; but now I can't imagine it without it's pumpkin spice ice cream buddy.

Though, I feel like pumpkin should stay where it belongs in October, I'm pretty sure I'll be making this all year. It's too delicious and too easy not to!

So, now you're fully armed with the knowledge that the pumpkin angel and the pumpkin devil have. It's time to decide whose team you're on.

But, I hope you'll embrace your inner Libra and pick both!

Enjoy, and let's eat!


No Churn Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Swirl

Serves: A lot! Print


  • 1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk

  • 2/3 cup pumpkin puree

  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

  • 1 tsp vanilla

  • 2 cups heavy cream

  • ½ cup cookie butter


  1. Place a 9x5 inch loaf pan in the freezer while you prepare your mix.

  2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk condensed milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, and vanilla together until fully combined and smooth.

  3. Pour heavy cream into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whip cream on medium high speed until stiff peaks have formed (about 3-3 ½ minutes). Alternately, you can whip the cream in a chilled glass bowl with a hand mixer for about 6-7 minutes.

  4. Mix about a cup of whipped cream into the pumpkin mix. Stir to combine and lighten up the mix. Gently fold in the remaining whipped cream until it is fully incorporated in to the pumpkin mix.

  5. Remove the loaf pan from the freezer. Pour ½ of the ice cream mix into the pan. Drop four 1 tbsp mounds of cookie butter on top of the mix. Use a knife to break up the cookie butter and swirl it in to the mix. Top with remaining ice cream batter. Drop remaining four 1 tbsp mounds of cookie butter on top of the mix, and swirl with a knife. Freeze for at least 6 hours before serving. Store covered in the freezer.

Recipe notes:

*To fold the whipped cream into the pumpkin mix, use a rubber or silicone spatula. Start at the outside of the bowl. Run the spatula around the outside and the bottom of the bowl in a half circle. Then, flip your wrist to bring the bottom that you've scooped up to put it on top. Turn the bowl, and repeat until the whipped cream is fully incorporated. This helps us keep the air in the whipped cream so our ice cream stays smooth and fluffy.

*Make sure you get pumpkin puree or canned pumpkin and NOT pumpkin pie filling.

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