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Everything Bagel Breakfast Pizza

March 24, 2018 by Nicole Collins

Guys…I think I just reinvented the wheel!

Ok, so you know how there are some things in life that are just perfect as they are? Like, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

I feel like that’s how everyone has always felt about the BEC sandwich. You know what I’m talking about. That classic breakfast sandwich…bacon, egg, and cheese. The bread choice is optional. Toast, biscuits, bagel, ciabatta…they all work deliciously. But put it on an everything bagel, and time stands still for a second.

You just can’t beat a classic sandwich like that. A perfectly cooked egg, crispy bacon piled high, topped with gooey American cheese.

And, I’m drooling.

This sandwich is just so familiar and comforting. I think that’s what makes it such a fan favorite. Don’t know what you want for breakfast? BEC. Don’t know what to order off of the gazillion page menu? BEC. Need something to snuggle up with in bed? BEC!

Having this sandwich on an everything bagel just takes things to a whole new level. You get garlic, onion, salt, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds all in one bite? Talk about bang for your buck! It’s totally worth having little pieces of everything bagel goodness stuck in your teeth all day.

Just recently, people have started getting a little braver with this staple breakfast sandwich. At least according to my #1 food source…Instagram pics! Some are adding a chipotle or sriracha sauce. Some are adding avocado. And, I’m not even mad about it. That BEC sandwich is perfect as is, but avocado makes EVERYTHING better!

Well, I’ve added my own twist to this classic sandwich, and it’s possible I made it even better.

Trust me. I know that’s a REALLY big statement.

Today, we’re making Everything Bagel Breakfast Pizzas!

First things first, is anyone ever going to be mad about pizza? Especially pizza for breakfast?

Didn’t think so.

We’re keeping things super simple and keeping the flavors super classic in the breakfast pizza. We’re using mini naan bread as our pizza base. Why? 1. Adorable! 2. Personal sized! 3. All the work is already done for you! Check and check!

Our pizza glue is a mix of softened cream cheese and everything bagel spice mix. I was kinda late to the party jumping on Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Mix train, but I’m never getting off. This stuff is soooooo yummy. It’s possible I almost had to make a second batch of cream cheese spread because I was licking the spoon (a lot) “taste testing” my mix.

It’s possible…not confirming or denying anything.

The next layer on our pizza is a good old slice of American cheese. You know, the kind that we all pretend to be disgusted by but really can’t get enough of, wrapped individually in that plastic wrapper. There is nothing like American cheese and egg together, and it pretty much is what makes the BEC sandwich for me. So, there’s no way we were having breakfast pizza without it.

On top of the cheese, we sprinkle some cooked, crumbled bacon. I’m usually the one that likes my bacon EXTRA crispy…like one wrong move away from burnt. But, since it’s going in the oven on the pizza, I didn’t completely overdo it. That’s all of the assembly required before we bake off our pizza.

The last topping on our pizza is the E of our BEC sandwich…a gooey, runny, crisp around the edges fried egg. You could be healthy top this with a poached egg. But, let’s be honest, if we’re going all in; go all in!

And for the BEC innovators out there, we’re going to add some avocado sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning on the side. But, for real though, it’s amazing when you add it to your bite. Thank you foodie hipsters for putting avocado on everything!

Ok guys, now that I’m slobbering all over my screen dreaming of eggs, and cheese, and bacon, and pizza; it’s time to send you off on your own to make yourself a pile of these pizzas asap.

P.S. The next time I see you, I'll be an auntie again! Nephew #2 is currently on the way folks! This is not a drill!!!! :-)

Enjoy, and let’s eat!


Everything Bagel Breakfast Pizza Serves: 4 Print


  • 4 oz (½ block) cream cheese, softened

  • 1 tbsp everything bagel seasoning (I use Trader Joe's brand)

  • 4 mini naan flatbreads

  • 4 slices american cheese

  • 4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

  • 4 fried eggs

  • avocado, for serving (optional)


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning. Set aside.

  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Brush the bottom side (the bubbly side) of each flatbread with water. Flip over. Spread about 1 tbsp cream cheese mix on the top side (flat side) of each flatbread. Top each flatbread with 1 slice of american cheese and 1 slice of crumbled bacon. Bake for 8-10 mins until the naan bread is toasted.

  3. Remove from oven. Top each flatbread with a fried egg. Serve with avocado, if desired. Enjoy!

Recipe notes:

*To easily fry an egg, heat 1 tbsp of butter over medium high heat. When the butter starts to foam and sizzle, crack an egg into the pan. Top with a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook until the whites are set but the yolk is still runny, about 2-3 mins.

*These are best served fresh. But, you can make the cream cheese spread ahead and store it covered in the fridge. You can also cook the bacon all at once, and store it in foil in the fridge. Then, just assemble and bake the pizzas when you're ready to eat.

*The avocado isn't required, but I totally recommend having some on the side to add to your bite. It adds a nice creaminess and freshness that breaks up a pretty rich and decadent pizza.

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