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Snow Globe Gift Jars

December 15, 2018 by Nicole Collins

The only place I like snow is inside of a snow globe.

It's funny because as a kid you live for snow days. Free days off of school that you get to go outside and play with your friends all day before coming home to a big ol' mug of hot chocolate was pretty much the dream 20 years ago.

But now when I have to do adult things like shovel myself out and drive in dangerous road conditions, I pretty much despise the snow.

And don't get me started on how miserably cold it is when it snows. You guys should know by now that I thrive in warm weather.

I know everyone out there dreams about a white Christmas, but my ideal Christmas is sunny and 75. Give me flip flops and shorts and I'm good. Palm trees decorated in Christmas lights are good enough for me!

The thing is, though, is that snow can actually be pretty beautiful. When we get weekend snow days, there's a brief moment before I realize I'm stuck in the house and can't run any errands that I think “wow, it's pretty out there. What a good day for hot chocolate and a book by the fire.” And, I can totally ooo and ahhh over pictures of beautifully snow covered landscapes. Snow really can by a gorgeous thing. I just don't want to have to deal with it myself.

So today, we're enjoying a little snow in a much more acceptable way. Today, we're making Snow Globe Gift Jars!

Funny story first about today's craft. I saw a picture similar to what we're making today somewhere on social media last year. I went out and bought all of the materials I thought I could use from the craft store during an after Christmas clearance sale, tucked them away, and forgot all about them! Fast forward to last weekend when I went to breakfast with Santa, and one of the crafts was a little snow globe. And then, I remembered I had all of this cool stuff waiting to bring some joy to the winter. (I know it's not technically winter yet. But, it might as well be!) And, that brings us to today.

So, we only need a few things for today's craft: some wide mouthed mason jars, some mini Christmas decorations, some fillable clear ornaments, some fake snow, and a hot glue gun.

We start by gluing together the two pieces of our mason jar lid. This is going to be the base to the inside of our snow globe. Next, we glue one of our mini decorations in to the center of the secured lid we'd just made. Give the glue a few mins to dry so everything is nice and tight, and we're halfway done with the project!

For the clear ornaments, I got 80mm fillable plastic ornaments that separate down the middle. One half of the ornament is the perfect size to fit on our mason jars, AND we get a little hole where you'd normally string the ornament that we can use to attach a gift tag. We fill the ornament with 2 tbsp fake snow, carefully line the edges with hot glue, and attach it to our lid. That's it!

The cool thing about these jars is that you can fill them with whatever you like. I chose to use some assorted candy, because who doesn't like candy. But, you could also use a battery operated tea light, you could make some homemade cookie or hot chocolate mix, you could put money in there. You truly can fill the jar with whatever you like! It doesn't matter what size mason jar you get as long as it's wide mouthed.

Alright guys, we're 10 days out from Christmas, so I'm not quite finished yet with the holiday themed goodies!! The way I'm digging peppermint right now, we may be having holiday themed treats LONG after the new year!

But for now, have fun; and let's craft!


Snow Globe Gift Jars



  1. Remove the lids and lid ring from the mason jars. Hot glue the inside of the lid ring, making sure to fully complete the circle, and attach the lid, pressing down to make sure the lid ring is secured to the lid. Repeat with remaining lids. Set aside for about 10 mins to dry.

  2. Trim any excess string or wire off of your mini decorations. If using mini trees, use wire cutters to cut the tree to fit inside of the ornament half. Use hot glue to glue decorations to the top of the mason jar lid. Repeat with remaining lids, and set aside to dry for 10 mins.

  3. Take 1 half of the plastic ornament, and fill with 2 tbsp fake snow. Carefully, yet quickly, trace a line of hot glue around the rim of the ornament half. Take the decorated mason jar lid, and center it on top of the ornament, pressing gently to secure the ornament to the lid. Allow the lid to try for 10 mins. If you see any lose spots on the lid, lightly run the hot glue gun along the outside of the ornament half to make sure the ornament is secured to the lid.

  4. Fill the mason jar with candy, a battery operated tea light, snack mix, or other gift. Tie a gift tag through the hole on the end of the ornament half. Shake the snow globe to enjoy!

Project Notes:

*You can use any size mason jar depending on what you want to fill it with. Just make sure it's a wide mouthed jar.

*Gluing the rim of the ornament to the lid can be a little tricky, because you need as steady of a hand as you can. If you don't trust yourself, you can carefully hold the snow filled ornament and lid together and glue along the outside of the ornament to secure it to the lid. If you don't want to see the hot glue lines, you could tie some thin ribbon around the bottom of the ornament to hide the glue.

*Hot glue can be messy. And fake snow is DEFINITELY messy. So, line your work space for easy clean up. I use aluminum foil!

*I find the hardware store is the cheapest place to buy mason jars.

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